Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh We're Halfway There!!!!!!‏

18 Febrero 2015


I´m halfway there!!!! That is so weird! Am I really going to go out into the field? YES! YES I am ;D

Wow, so much happens every week here at the CCM [Missionary Training Center]... it almost feels like a weird time warp that we all jumped into where we feel like we have pretty much been born here (and by taking on the name of Hermana Mather I pretty much have been born as a little baby missionary ;D) but at the same time we all feel like we are so new! It’s the weird feeling that it has been months (instead of 2 weeks) here at the CCM while it feels like time is flying by and I feel like I arrived yesterday (if that makes any sense at all).

For those of you wondering how my companion is doing, she is doing much better! She still has a limp and her knee is really tight, but she isn't using crutches anymore! She has a MRI scheduled for this Friday so we are hoping and praying for good news so that she can stay out in the field and go to Bolivia with me!

On another side note, Hermana Simmons actually has Dotera oils with her in a little physicians kit, and gives some to me when I have headaches and all the crazy stuff that goes around at the CCM and I actually really like them ;D it’s like I have my own traveling physician ;D She is great!

The other day while I was reading my 6 chapters in the Book of Mormon (which I’m in Alma 17 now, where are you? Did you accept the challenge of reading?) I found some cat hair in my scriptures! Oh my goodness did it ever make me miss home and the crazy cats that just sit on my scriptures while I’m trying to read ;D Those little reminders of home are actually what help me to get through the day because I know that I have a loving family back home who is supporting me. Like the long stated cliché missionary saying, “I am giving up a year and a half with my family to help other families be together forever!”

Funny story for the week, there is a triple person companionship in our district and we call them the triple threat ;D (they are HILARIOUS) and we had a little time between classes at night before we had to have a district meeting and we go out into the hallway to find the triple threat, but they are not there. We searched for them in different classrooms and all over the place. We couldn't find them inside the class building. We finally find them outside and I just couldn't keep myself from fighting laughing. We found them outside doing a synchronized swimming routine! (btw, we don’t even have any water or pools or lakes at the CCM, and we aren't even allowed to swim on our mission). IT WAS HILARIOUS! We ended up calling the whole district out to watch. Apparently, they have been doing this as an Elder Yoga like session but instead of yoga, they decompress by doing synchronized diving routines ;D  The next night we found them doing it again and we ended up getting the whole district to do it! Oh my, it was HILARIOUS! I think we're going to make it a tradition to keep doing the "decompressing dive routine"!

Spiritual thought for the week: PLEASE watch the LDS video “Embark”; it is super cool! I got chills from it! I love the word EMBARK! It has such a weight and meaning to the word! I am Embarking in the service of god and my fellow mean while I'm on this mission. I’m embarking to Bolivia in 3 WEEKS. WE can all embark in our various purposes in life!

Tender mercies for the week!!!! I get to write you guys every week! YAY! Sundays and P-days at the CCM come at the VERY best time where we all need the ´recharge´. My teachers are seriously the best, most loving, amazingly helpful people ever! I love them! and.... (drum roll please!) Our investigators are getting baptized! I know that our investigators are not real while we are here in the CCM, but they are real stories and I have true feelings of love and caring for them! With teaching them I have truly come to know our investigators and want the best for them. I just can't wait to see how it is out in the field!

I have to go for now, but one more thing before I leave: Romans 1:16, "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth."  This is SUCH an amazing scripture and really describes how I have been feeling here at the CCM!  I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ and I am so excited to share this gospel (that is so important and amazing to me) with the people of Bolivia!

I love you all and can´t wait to talk to you again next week!

Hermana Mather

Picture in front of the CCM  [Missionary Training Center] sign!

Funny faces are the best!

Here in Peru they have these crazy workout things,
like playgrounds for adults, in the median of the road!

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