Monday, January 18, 2016

All is Well! All is Well!

18 Enero 2016

All is well, all is well! This is the song that we have been using this week.

So, to update you on my area. I am in Barrio Centro (Centro ward) which was 2 different wards before but it had to be combined because there are so many less actives. We have 1,000 or so members and about 100-200 people who come to church every week. Most of the active members don’t even know many of the less active members. Let’s just say that we have a lot of work to do :D 

I feel like we are meeting people who have been prepared to receive the gospel in their lives and NEED the blessings that the gospel brings. It is so amazing to be doing what you are supposed to and as a result- the Lord can bless you so much!

Something that I have been saying and thinking about a lot this week is that I am putting my heart, my will, my mission and my everything in the hands of the Lord so that I can be an instrument in His hands and help the people who are here and truly do as HE needs me to do.

If you guys have the time, read the talk Becoming Perfect in Christ (it is AMAZING!) as well as Our Search for Happiness (a little long but FULL of amazing truths and clarity about the gospel of Jesus Christ.)

Hermana Mather

Going to teach one of our investigators, Hermana Susana.

My companion doing service in dried corn.

My companion made a food from Ecuador that is just toasted dried corn
with salad made of tomato and onion and soy beans.

Potosi Centro Ward Boundaries

Getting to know Villa Victoria (the other part of our area).

It rained super hard in our area and no one wanted to open the door!

We went to church in the traditional clothing from Otavalo Ecuador.

We went to the mine in Cerro Rico today! Super fun!

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