Monday, January 11, 2016

ALTO [HIGH] Potosi‏

11 Enero 2016

I don't have any time to write this week. I will be sending a bunch of pictures to explain what happened this week!

We ended up going to the Casa de la Moneda de Bolivia (Bolivia National Mint), in Potosi. We went on a tour that we thought would take 30 minutes and it took 2 hours, so I'm going to make this short.

Enjoy the pictures!

Hermana Mather

The streets in our area turn into rivers when it rains!

...and they have hail here!
We went to the VERY top of our area yesterday to find out that our area is HUGE!!!!
It has a bottom part and then the upper part of the mountain!
Its GINORMAS  (is that how you spell that?)!!!
[Actually, I like the Spanish version of "more ginormous" ; ^ ) ]

Helping weave a handmade shawl

The rainbows that we get to see! Beautiful!

The third part of our area that is behind the mountain

Dakar is held in Bolivia in the salt flats

Drinking from a coconut! Yum!

Casa de los Moneras (House of Coins)

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