Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I’m Still Looking Forward to the Day That I Have Dreams in Spanish! ;D

23 Marzo 2015

It's already Monday again? Wow! Every second of this week has been full of things to do, places to be and people to teach! WOW! Where to start...

My feet have hardened up! YES! By the end of my mission I will have leather for feet ;D but in all seriousness, no more blisters and I`m getting used to it! All the prayers and thoughts that you guys put out there worked (THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!)

I've been a little sick this week, sniffling and sometimes losing my voice in the middle of lessons but I think that I'm on the tail end of it! WOOHO!

I had intercambios (exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders) this week and I loved it! It is so great being surrounded by people who are here for the same reason as me and to learn from such amazing, experienced missionaries! I loved learning from Hermana Rossi and see her experience and different style of teaching with people. She has such a unique care about people that I love. She cares about the PEOPLE, not as just investigators or numbers or whatever, but as people! I love her!

I also got to do service for an investigator in my district leaders area where we were cutting and clearing weeds and bushes with crazy sickle/scythe-like looking things. And then we got rained out where all the roads turned into little rivers and IT WAS SO GREAT! LOVE the rain!

My Spanish is coming along! I'm still drowning a little bit but I feel like I have found a pair of floaties to stay afloat ;D one day I'll just be swimming along like it’s no one’s business... but for now, I just am staying afloat ;D It's coming slowly but surely, and I'm still looking forward to the day that I have dreams in Spanish! ;D

WAY cool family to tell you guys about this week! The familia Paniagua is a family of recent converts to the church and they are so amazing! Their little girl has cancer and they already live in humble circumstances. the GREAT and amazing part of this is that they are so firm in their faith and hope and love that they have for each other and this gospel! They are faced with so many challenges and hard things but their testimonies are strong and unyielding! Man, this life can be so hard at times, but I know that Heavenly father prepares us for those hard times and doesn't let us be thrown curve balls that we can't handle! Heavenly Father lets us have challenges and allows difficulties in our lives so that we can grow and become what he has given us the potential to be; we just have to let him. WE have to let him into our lives to make those changes!

Tender mercies from the week: I have amazing friends and family at home who write me, pray for me, and love me (If I may say so myself ;D LOVE YOU GUYS) There are awesome members and people here, our pensionista lets us choose how much we want to eat and doesn't feed us until we feel like our seams are ripping, I haven't gotten very sun burnt at all (I might even be getting a color line... hopefully it doesn't wash off in the shower ;D)

(My pep talk for the week...) Hold on guys! I know it’s rough and things are hard, but I know that we can do it!


Hermana Mather

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