Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Nosotros Somos Aqui!‏ [We Are Here!]

10 Marzo 2015

I'm here! I'm finally here in my mission! After a crazy night of leaving yesterday at 6pm from the CCM in Lima Peru, semi-bawling on the way to the airport (you know, missing friends and English in general since I traveled with all Latinos) and then getting to talk to my mom and dad on the phone from the airport and bawling even more (I didn't even know that I contained that many tears :D) and then traveling through the night to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, trying to sleep at the airport after arriving at 2am in the morning and then leaving at 7am in the morning for COCHABAMBA, BOLIVIA!

I don't have much time to talk right now, but I just have time to say that I'm safe and happy and I LOVE MY MISSION! And I have only been here for a few hours! I will keep you guys updated and let you know how things work out for the next few days! Love you all! (Pictures to come soon from my mission president’s wife!)

Hermana Amber Mather

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