Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Roller Coaster!

4 Marzo 2015

Oh the Roller Coaster!

Wow! If this week could be summed up into just one word it would be Roller Coaster! This week has been full of ups and downs and loops and turns and twists and drops that leave my stomach tingling and gives me goose bumps! Just like any roller coaster, first, going into the week was scary and exciting and exhilarating all at once! My compi [companion] had to go home to get ACL surgery (which you know from last week :D ) and that was tough for the entire district! We all miss her SO much- but it is such a comfort to know that the Lord is looking after her and she´s being well taken care of! The next turn was that I was put into a trio (with some AMAZING sisters!) instead of the regular 2 by 2 companionship. And there was SO much more that happened that I just can't write all of it, But just like everything, these twists and turns are all a part of the ride! They are hard and scary in the moment but afterwards, I can look back and appreciate it and maybe ever want to go again!

To keep it simple, my new companions (Hermana Oteo and Hermana Johnson- I love them SO much!) and I have been getting used to teaching as a trio and learn and progress in the language and missionary work together. They are such a strength to me and we have become SOOOOOOO close in the past week! My whole district is for that matter! We are truly a family. I can’t imagine saying goodbye to them next week (AHHHHHHH! SO SOOOON!) and heading off to our separate missions... but I know that we´ll see each other after the mission and that we will be emailing and staying in touch! ALL of the Elders and Hermanas are going to be SUCH amazing missionaries to the people of Peru (everyone is going to Peruvian missions except for me ;D )

I can’t believe this is actually happening... next week I´m going to be out in the field... WHAT!?! That happened so fast! I WILL BE IN COCHABAMBA! BAHHH!!!! I am still in shock... this is my last time emailing from the CCM in Lima and I´ll be leaving for Bolivia at the beginning of next week! Wish me luck!

Really quick, this week, Brother Lane Steinagel, one of the managers over all the MTC´s around the world O.O, came to visit our little Lima Peru CCM and check how everything is going here. He has been here all week and left yesterday but on Sunday we had an amazing devotional from him, and IT WAS IN ENGLISH! My first English devotional since I have been here! (We have translator headphones for all of the other ones :D )

I just can’t express how amazing this devotional was! It was all about how as missionaries (and non-missionaries!) we always need to push ourselves to be better! You guys, never settle! Heavenly Father didn't put us on this earth to settle for anything! Life is way too short to settle or sit off on the sidelines and sell ourselves short! GO and DO! Don´t settle for less that you can do and don´t let anyone tell you that you can´t reach your goals! Sure, sometimes we make goals that are too high for us to reach, but it pushes us SO much farther than we would go on our own! (Man have I learned that the hard way!) Sometimes, as humans, we can get set in our ways and plateau in our progress, but we just can’t let that happen! I have made a decision this week that I won´t give up, let down, or slack off, because I know that I have been given so much more potential than that!

I really can´t express to you guys how awesome this devotional was, but the bottom line is ´have fun, work hard, expect great things, don´t settle for less, embrace the gospel, and missionary work and be filled with the love of God. In the words of Elder Bastian from my district, ´Fortune favors the Bold, so get to it, be BOLD!’

Sorry for the ginormous email this week guys, but really quick, just have to tell you all the tender mercies for the week: my new companions are AMAZING and loving and welcoming! I’m loving Spanish (who knew that it was possible?) I go into the mission field next week! We got a video from my lovely companion who is back home and she is ALIVE! YAY! There are fun Latinos riding on the plane with me to Cochabamba! I have an amazing district (as always). From what I hear the CCM food will be the best food that I get for a year and a half, so I´m grateful for the food! The awesome chance to study Spanish and the Gospel for 6 weeks here in Lima is almost over and a new journey is beginning!

Love you guys!

Hermana Mather

The trio with my teacher!

Me and my teacher from the CCM!

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