Monday, September 14, 2015

Healing Is a Journey, Not a Destination

14 Septiembre 2015

This week we have been able to see more miracles in this area! Wow, we were able to find two amazing new families to help and teach and love. One family is in very, very humble conditions and we have mostly had the opportunity to talk to their kids... wow, I can feel such a love for this family. I know through this love that Heavenly Father wants the best for them and that is why He is bringing the gospel into their lives at this time.

The other family that we found is a dad and son (Johnny and Pedro) that truly have such an amazing spirit about them! They got to come to church this week and it was as if they have been members for forever. A lot of the members were able to meet them and Pedro got to offer the closing prayer in one of the classes that was so heartfelt and pure. I am so blessed to get the opportunity to teach these amazing families and the amazing people here in this area!

As you can probably tell already, this week’s letter is about healing. Whether this healing is for the weaknesses that we have, the things that we have done and learned from, the things that others have done to us -- anything that we really need to make better. The definition of heal is: ´to make healthy, whole, restore, settle, or reconcile.

I started to think about healing because of a talk that my dad sent me (if you have time, read, listen to, or watch the video of the talk `Healing = Courage + Action + Grace, by Jonathan G. Sandberg) and it made me think a lot about how all of us need healing in this life.

  • Healing: We need to heal from our own personal struggles in this life.
  • Courage: It really does take courage. Its hard to heal sometimes... it is hard to face that we are imperfect and it humbles us to realize that we are not invincible.
  • Action: We can't just sit back and wait to heal- we actually have to take the proper steps to heal.
  • Grace: I can testify that we can’t truly heal all the way without our loving Heavenly Father and our brother Jesus Christ.

I love the word “Healing”. I feel like it carries such a weight to it where we can imagine it. We can feel its power and faith. I testify that we really can heal from the things that we face in this life and from the hard times that we have, being strengthened through the atonement of Jesus Christ, becoming stronger, and learning from the healing process that we go through. Healing really is a privilege and a tender mercy that we have in our lives.

Thank you for reading as always! I hope that you get the change to read this talk (and if you have read it already, read it again and apply it in a different way!) I love you guys and pray for you every day!


Hermana Mather

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