Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why I Am Here!‏

21 Septiembre 2015

This week has been so full of miracles. I feel like I am always looking to all sides of me trying to see the angel that is looking out for us and helping us to find amazing new people to teach and helping our investigators to feel the spirit -- to FEEL the truth of this message that we are teaching.

We have seen so many miracles and tender mercies in our area this week that have been as if Heavenly Father is putting his hand on our shoulders saying ´good job, just keep going, keep bringing forth my work and I will help you´. One of the miracles that I was able to see this week was that the members here have helped us more by giving us references of their friends that are having a hard time in life, who don’t know what to do, and who really need the gospel to fill that little empty space in their lives. So, we have 3 new amazing families to teach from this week of working with the members in our ward.

I am so grateful for every single minute that I have in this mission. I was thinking about it today and I will have 8 months in the mission this Sunday! In the mission, time flies like you wouldn’t believe. I feel like everyone has their divine plans from God for what He wants and needs us to do. For me, I knew from the moment that I opened my mission call that Heavenly Father needed me to come serve Him in Cochabamba Bolivia, spreading the joy of the gospel that He has for all languages, nations, and people. Thanks to my mission I have been able to learn so many amazing things. I have learned to work hard, to grow closer to my Heavenly Father, to love everyone, to see people for who they can become, to keep pushing on and God will do the rest, to study, teach, play, preach, laugh, smile, cry, love, stay silent, and to really consecrate my all to the Lord in all that I do.

I still am not perfect... I’m not perfect at all... but I am getting better every day. Every day I am picking myself back up and becoming stronger through Christ and His atonement. The atonement of Christ is amazing to me. That not only through Him we can be clean and pure and free every day of our lives, but as well we can receive the enabling power of the atonement to become better, to change our hearts, and to align our will with God’s will. We will always make mistakes -- we aren’t put here on this earth to be perfect -- we are here to make mistakes and learn and that is why we have a Savior that can bring us back and pick us up every time that we fall. I am so grateful for my Savior and every single chance that I have to become better!

Thanks for reading this week! I hope that you all can see the tender mercies of the Lord in your lives -- especially in the week!

I love you all!

Hermana Mather

We bbq-ed with our pensionista yesterday for lunch
because it was voting day for everyone in Bolivia

I helped grill! Woooo!

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