Wednesday, October 7, 2015

At the Center of It All‏

5 Octubre 2015

Wow... How can I even begin? Can I just tell you guys something crazy? I`m going to train [a new Hermana/Sister missionary] .... AH!!!!

These past few days have been a whirlwind of things... and now that I know that I will be training, I have to tell you the truth... I am very nervous. I am humbled that the Lord has the confidence in me that I can help to train a new missionary. I know that it is so important to have a good trainer. I just hope to do all that I can to help this new missionary to fill her potential and really know her purpose here in the mission. If I have learned anything from General Conference this week, I know that through Christ all things are possible and that this work really isn’t my work, it is His. So, if I follow His spirit and His will, pressing forward with faith, I really can do this and help a new missionary to adjust to missionary life.

With leaving Hermana Vara, I just have to say that I am so grateful for her and the difference that she has made for me and for my mission. I have learned more Spanish (which I hope to do for my entire mission), to show my love for people in different forms, and to really help people draw nearer to Christ. I have really learned what true friendship is where you worry and care for other people not just when you are happy with them or when it is convenient for you, it is showing the true love of Christ. I don’t just have a companionship with her I have a best friendship. I know that she will LOVE being in Sucre and will be able to help many other people and missionaries in her time there as a Sister Training Leader. I am so grateful for the time that I have been able to spend with her and learn from her!

In the spirit of General Conference (where we got to hear from our living prophet and apostles this weekend), I just wanted to share a talk that I LOVED. The talk by Elder Richard J Maynes really touched my heart. First of all, I love with all of my heart making pottery and he told a wonderful story that relates to pottery when making ceramics on the potter’s wheel, the clay must be perfectly centered to be able to make something beautiful and fulfill the full potential of the clay. The same is with us! We have to be centered in Christ in our lives and balanced to bring out the best results. I know that through Christ, we can be perfectly centered and we can truly be shaped by the Master’s hands to fulfill our full potential.

Through Faith in Christ 'it will all work out'.

Thank you for reading my ginormous email this week! I love you all! Take care and enjoy the autumn weather for me!

Hermana Mather

Arroz Chaufa (a Peruvian dish) woooo!
Its like Peruvian fried rice ;D 

I was playing around with some glasses the other night... thought you would appreciate it ;D

Me and my lovely companion, Hermana Vara!
I love her and will miss her!

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