Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mi Hijita!‏ [My Daughter!]

12 Octubre 2015

I officially have a daughter in the mission (we say that when we are training a new missionary- that we have kiddos in the mission) and she is AMAZING! Her name is Hermana Monteza and she is from Chiclayo, Peru and is such a blessing to me and to our area! We have only had a few days together, but I already just love her and we have been having such amazing lessons together! I know that this is a change for me, but it is going to be so good for us and that we are going to learn soooooo much together!

I don’t have much time today to write, but in the spirit of training another missionary (and being so scared to do such -- having a good or bad effect as their first companion @.@) I wanted to talk about being a consecrated missionary, because that is what I truly am trying to become. To be consecrated in your life, in your calling, your marriage, your family -- whatever and however you can apply the word consecrate -- you have to work for it. It takes your focus every moment you can. It takes real desire. It takes sacrifice. but, in the end, it is so worth it. It is as if your efforts have been doubled. If you will be able to see the results here or in the heavens -- they come.

As missionaries, sometimes we don’t know why a rule is there or why we specifically have to follow that rule, but God knows. He knows what is best for us and that is why he gives us commandments and advice to do what we need to do.

To really consecrate yourself to something, you have to make sacrifices. To become a consecrated missionary I am putting 18 months of my life, my obediencia, my faith, my might, my heart, my repentance, charity, my will, my strength, my hope, my mind, my knowledge, my energy and everything that I can to the `work of salvation`. I truly am not perfect and surely won’t be for a very long time, but I am getting better every day through the enabling powers of the atonement. Through Christ I can be consecrated!

Well, no more time for this week, but I love you all and just think about what you can do to better use the enabling power of the atonement to consecrate yourselves!

Love you all!

Hermana Mather

New missionaries' meeting at the Cristo de la Concordia (Christ of Peace)
statue of Jesus Christ located atop San Pedro Hill, to the east of Cochabamba, Bolivia

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