Monday, October 19, 2015

Christ is the Center of Our Message

19 Octubre 2015

This week has been an amazing, exhausting, full, miracle of a week. Hermana Monteza (mi hijita! [my “daughter”!]) is such an amazing missionary who I am so grateful for the opportunity to be able to teach with, help out and learn from!

I don’t have that much time to write this week but I just wanted to share something with you guys that I have been studying about is about Christ! I love reading and learning about Christ, because he is the center of our message here in the mission! Everything that we teach about includes Christ. Something that I was studying is that through His atonement Jesus Christ really can help every single person and every child of God because he suffered it ALL. He suffered all of our pains and sorrows and sins. He can and will help us in every single situation. He can comfort us and carry us and keep us going and at times he can bring us back to the right path. I love that He is a part of all of our lives.

There was a story that one of our recent converts told us about a church video about our journey here on earth. We all have our own crosses to carry in our lives. There was a man that was carrying his cross through the journey of life, but at times the cross got heavy so the man thought, “I can cut a little bit off here and a little off there.” So, he cut a little bit here and there along the way so that it was easy to carry. However, at the end, there was a precipice that they had to cross by way of putting their cross over the cliff, he could cross over to the other side. I love that through Christ and through the hard times that we go through in this life. We can get over harder times and we can really see that through this we can learn and grow and become better!

Well, that is all the time that I have this week! I´ll write more next week!

Love you guys!

Hermana Mather

My area from the Cristo de la Concordia statue!

In between citas! eating a pear from our recent convert!!!

Going to the temple as a zone.
Picture with my hijita, Hermana Monteza!

The view from one of our investigator's house.

Intercambios at the temple!

Me and my compi, Hermana Monteza!

Making tacos today in our pension!

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