Saturday, May 14, 2016

Me Voy Por Los Cosmos‏ (I Am Going to Cosmos [Ward/Area])

9 May 2016

WELLLLLL... I have cambios [transfers]! uhhhh.... It hurts my heart to think about leaving Potosi (which has really come to be such a special amazing place for me) and leave all of the people that I have come to know and love..... I will be heading out to Cochabamba again to the Cosmos Ward!

I am really sad to be leaving Potosi.... It truly has become a holy place for me and I will never forget the difference that it has made in my mission. I have to be honest after having 11 months in Cochabamba previously, I was actually disappointed to get my cambios and hear that I was going back... I feel like I was pouting a little. BUT I remembered something super important: This isn’t my mission but the Lord’s. It doesn’t matter if I am in Cochabamba or Sucre or Potosi, It doesn’t matter if I am companion mayor [senior companion] or capacitadora [trainer] or training. It doesn’t matter what I want here but it’s what the Lord wants. When I came to the mission I knew that I was putting my will in the hands of the Lord and now I feel like I know a lot better about how to turn my life and will to him. I know that the cambios are inspired by God and I am super excited to see all that he has in store for me in Cosmos!

I love you all and I have to go for now to say goodbye to everyone and get all my things ready to head out tomorrow!

Love you! See ya! Bye!

Hermana Mather

Cool fotos from Uyuni that we took last week!

Cosmos Ward in Cochabamba

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