Tuesday, July 19, 2016

What Makes a Missionary Successful

18 Julio 2016

Wow! It doesn't even feel real. Can you believe that a year and a half already passed by? I can't believe it!!!! It passed by so fast! And all of the people here are telling me ´2 more weeks! 2 more weeks´. It feels like I still have a bunch more time left, but I just have to say that I am making the MOST of my last few weeks that I have here!

This week we had our Zone conference (my last one! AH!) and in part of it we were talking about ´a successful missionary´ and what makes a missionary successful. The funny thing is that success isn't defined by numbers or by outside results, but it comes from inside and it reflects on the outside. A successful missionary feels the influence of the Holy Ghost, gets better every single day, helps others, feels true love for those that they visit and help, they strive to do the will of the Lord at all times, and in all places, and in all things. I have LOVED my mission and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to serve the amazing people here in Bolivia. Now, I can say that I feel successful and happy with the things that I have done in my mission. I know that I am imperfect and that I can't see all of the differences that I have been able to make but I know that the Lord has magnified the work that I have done and HE makes the difference. I have been able to come so much closer to Christ through the experiences that I have been through here. I will always be testifying of Christ. He is my savior, my redeemer, my older brother, my comforter, my friend and my guide. He has done SO much for me and I am so grateful for his influence and love that has filled my life and my soul. He has changed me forevermore. And, I will never be the same.

Thank you all for reading my emails and keeping up on my mission! You all are great and I can't wait to see you all!

Hermana Mather

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