Monday, April 20, 2015

Haven’t Had Hot Water for a Week

20 Abril 2015

This week has been harder than usual... it has actually been kinda funny ;D  we haven’t had hot water for a week so we end up trying to warm up some water in our water boiler and take a ‘shower’ with that ;D also the baptism that we had fell through because the investigator that we had left for Chile, leaving his 13-year-old daughter behind to take care of her two little siblings and live with their grandma who isn't the best of influences because she is drunk practically every night... it’s been pretty sad to see things play out...

At these hard times I’m am reminded of the poem footsteps in the sand. I LOVE THIS POEM! It has such amazing meanings for me! It reminds me that Christ is always with us, in the good and the bad. And at times when things get really difficult and we feel all alone, these are the times that Christ is with us the most and is carrying us through these difficult times. I love the comfort and help that I can receive from my Savior and the love that I can feel from Him, for me and for all those around me!

Good news, my camera is here! WOOOOO! I’ll post some pictures of us with our new investigators ;D 

Funny story for the week- in our pension [apartment], two other companionships eat there -- one companionship of Hermanas and one companionship of Elders.  I was making faces for the emotions that they would name (sad, happy, angry, the like) and I made a face and one of the Elders just asked what emotion it was. I told him to guess and he just BURST out laughing! I had no idea why... and then he asked me about my ‘cara (face) de gas’! hehe He thought that I had said ‘gas’ instead of ‘guess’! So I officially have a ‘cara de gas’ in the mission! hehehe awkward... ;D

Tender mercies for the week:

  • Cambios [companionship exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders] were this week and only one missionary from my zone was transferred to a different area! We are going to have an awesome zone of missionaries this transfer!
  • I`m still learning slowly but surely! I have hope that I’ll be able to speak fluently sometime in my mission  ;)
  • The ward members in Colcapirhua are really starting to get involved in the missionary work here (this is SO helpful!) the missionaries here are    so caring and funny and hard-working! It’s just great!

That’s all I have time for (especially with this HORRIBLE keyboard... I really am struggling to type anything...) Love you guys!

Hermana Mather

One of our new investigators: "Hermono Grinch"

Having fun between service activities!

My beautiful area!

Washing our clothes this morning!

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