Thursday, April 9, 2015

My Mission is Making My Feet Hard and My Heart Soft‏

6 Abril 2015

As you can probably already determine from the title of this week's email, my feet are doing better, just turning to leather ;D and my heart is truly becoming soft to the spirit and to stories of all those around me. I’m one of ‘those missionaries’ that you can see tearing up in sacrament meeting and when bearing my testimony. I think that I am becoming soft because not only the hard experiences that we have and the truly humble people and lives that we see, but also because of the reliance that I am starting to have on the spirit as well as my savior. I am so grateful for the opportunity this Easter to really think and meditate about Jesus Christ (I almost wrote Jesucristo ;D) and the gratitude that I have for him. I am so grateful for the opportunity to view conference as well!

Can I just say that Conference is a wonderful blessing every time that we get a chance to watch it? My goodness! (In the LDS church we have General Conference 2 times a year where we are able to hear the inspired words of prophets and apostles for 4 sessions - 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday) I am SO happy to say that I was able to watch conference in English! All of it! My mission president thinks that it is very important to be able to understand conference and to watch it in our native language (if you so choose) so the North American Elders and Hermanas [Sisters] in my zone and I were able to watch conference in English!

General conference is always so inspiring, especially around the time of Easter (Happy Easter by the way!) I love all the talks that were on the Savior! I feel like on my mission I am coming closer to my Savior as my brother and as my redeemer (especially in the hard times that I have had with the language and getting used to all the craziness of a mission... cause to be 100% honest, it really is hard... but it is also 1000000% worth it!)

If you guys have time this week, watch (or rewatch) the talks that Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf gave for the Sunday morning general conference session! I loved these talks! I love how Elder Holland talked of the Savior as our brother and that he reaches for us and once he has our hands he never wants to let go! And how there are times in this life that we feel like we are hanging on a sandy canyon edge, struggling and slipping, but that God has a plan for all of us and the entire sequence of our lives were designed for our divine happiness! How cool! And then I love how President Uchtdorf talks of the grace of God. My favorite quote from this is that the gates of heaven are unlocked and the windows of heaven are open. We just have to enter into those gates (I like one of the greeters for that gate- like an Wal-Mart... but better ;D) and that gate is baptism! woo! That is why it is so important as well (remember my email last week?) and the windows of heaven are open to rain down blessing for all of us on earth! I love that!

Laundry washing by hand is great! It’s very different and sometimes our cloths fly off the line onto the dirt below and we have to wash them again but it’s going well. I have a new appreciation for washing machines and the hard work that they do every single day ;D My living conditions are great! We live in the second floor of a house of a woman who is very sweet and lets us pick figs and apples off of her trees in the yard to eat! My pensionista is great! Everything comes with rice (should I be surprised?) and it’s super yummy! The other day we had a traditional Bolivian dish called pique macho and oh my! I fell in love ;D She also lets me cook once a week for everyone! It is far from good for you but it is delicious! I found some shoes/sandals that are dorky but they work so well and they are 100 Bolivianos (which is about 15 American dollars) and I love them! They are great and they help with the pain! woo!

Pique a lo Macho

I hope that you guys like me if I come back from my mission bald... the water here is REALLY bad for your hair here and all the sister missionaries loose a bunch of hair.. I have already lost a bunch of hair and I've only been here for a month (wait... I've been here for a month?!?) soooooo... don’t be surprised if I come back with no hair on my head. And please still love me regardless ;D

They have a mission violin! And I think that I am going to be playing for our baptism this week!

Well, that is all I have time for this week, but take care, I love you, keep it up, read your scriptures, watch a movie for me, appreciate your family, attend the temple, and listen to the music (from conference ;D)

Hermana Mather

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