Monday, April 13, 2015

Un Dia Mas de Vida‏ [One Day More of Life]

13 Abril 2015

The reason for the beginning of this email is every time that we pray with new investigators they ALWAYS thank the Lord for “one day more of life”! I think that that is way cool to thank the Lord for every single second and every single day that we get here in life to grow and learn and to become better! It really makes me appreciate all the time that I am given!

Every single day, my companion and I work SO hard! We come back to our apartment and are just beat and ready to plop into bed and sleep for days! Every day is so packed full of emotions and things to do and just WOW! So many people to love and to teach and to help!

Hehe, so funny story, it turns out that the people here REALLY love to talk! Really ;D and they honestly can talk for hours. I love listening to them and learning more about them! But at times, we have appointments right after another to visit more people in the area.... so we have a really hard time being on time for things ;D especially since I really don't know how to fluidly transition to end the conversation... so since we are always running late to things, we literally have to run from person to person, apt to apt ;d it is quite hilarious to see Hermanas running on the side of the roads at times, and we have had a few members of the ward come up to us and say that they saw us running on the side of the road ;D hehe

If you have time, look up the video Él Vive [He Lives] it is sooooooo good! Wow! It is so powerful! I love how it starts with how the Savior was a teacher, a friend, and prophet, and all these things for the people around him, how he died for us, but the greatest miracle of all is that HE LIVES! and He is in every second of our lives. He is always here for us. En las malas y en las buenas! En cada momento! El esta aqui! [In the bad and good! In every moment! He is here!] I also love that at the end of the video it says "buscalo" [look]! He is here in every moment and every seam of our lives—we just have to look for him!

soooooo... this week... we have just been working and teaching and helping everyone around us as is the life of a missionary :D

One cool thing, I feel like before my mission that I have a really strong testimony in English and now that I'm learning Spanish and reading my scriptures in Spanish, I’m gaining a testimony IN SPANISH! It is amazing to feel the swelling, large growing feeling that comes from this little seed (Alma 32) of faith and the  growth of a new testimony in a new language ;D

Challenges for those of you out there who have read this far in my email ;D :

  1. Make goals for reading the Book of Mormon! It is so much easier to work towards a goal and be motivated by it!
  2. Help the missionaries by letting them know of friends and people that could really enjoy the blessings of the gospel (that is everyone ;D)
  3. Pray every morning and night! And when you do, wait just a little bit afterwards ;D its pretty awesome what the Lord can say when you are listening
  4. Just keep smiling! No one is perfect and life is to be enjoyed! (Men are that they may have joy)

Tender mercies for the week: Either I have less bug bites, the bugs don't like my blood as much, or the bites have just stopped itching! Woo! My compi [companion] is lovely and patient and sweet! I have a lovely family who loves me and writes me, the people here are so open and kind. I have the energy each day to keep on going!

Keep your head up and your spirits high.

Love you guys!

Hermana Mather

Here in bolivia they have special days where no cars are allowed on the roads which is VERY different than usual!

 So we wanted to get a picture or two! Way cool! And this is one of the few roads in my area that is nicely paved!

We found glow sticks in our apartment the other night!

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