Monday, April 27, 2015

Miracles Really Do Happen

27 April 2015

Wow... this week has been so cool! This week our hopes and prayers were answered! Our investigator CAME BACK! Wow! How cool! We were honestly heartbroken when we heard that he had left and left behind his kids, until we received a call this week from one of the members that lives near him saying that he is back. And one more thing, we met with him this week and HE is the one who set his new baptismal date! How amazing!

Fun things to say for the week, I have officially carried on the CCM tradition and found the spirit animals of everyone in my Zone ;D very fun ;D They say that I am either a crane or a dolphin... who knows ;D

My companion and I were able to have a ‘noche de deversion’ [fun night] that is pretty much just a short lesson from us and then a bunch of games and refreshments at the end. SO fun! We had a lesson on fe [faith] then my compi and I gave them a bunch of games with balloons and another with an alphabet-soup-type game! Que divertido! [What fun!]

We also got the opportunity to go to the Cochabamba Bolivia Temple with our ward this week! This was quite the experience because at first we didn't think that we would be able to go. The mission rules are that we need to go with a recent convert who is going to the temple for the first time and we didn't have anyone... (This is a rule so that the missionaries don't flood the temple grounds and so that there is room for everyone else ;D) BUT! Long story short we ended up going because one of our AMAZING investigators wanted to go! Way cool that: 1. she even wanted to go and 2. that we had permission to go with her! It was such a wonderful day to just be on the grounds of the temple and to be able to share this with our investigator who we love to pieces!

Well, that is all I have time for this week, but take care, have fun, make the most of each moment and try something new (I tried cow intestine patties and cocaine cake- don’t worry it isn't “cocaine” cocaine - this week ;D)

Lovfte you!

Hermana Mather

Last p-day we went to a small Bolivian amusement park with my district! :D

We went to the temple with our ward this week!

The temple!

This is part of our area!

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