Monday, May 4, 2015

No Time... As Is the Life of a Missionary

4 Mayo 2015

AH!!!!! I am sitting in this internet cafe freaking out because we thought that we had had more time in the day (as if Mondays had an extra hour or something...). So let me just be honest... We logged on to read our emails this morning and respond to a few of them, and then we had people to see and things to do with our only free day of the week.... so to be honest, the time got away from us... So I really don’t have any time to write much right now =/

To update you on the week, I`ll just send you pictures with descriptions ;D and if I end up having much time I can send more of an update :D

Hermana Mather

Last P-day we had a BBQ and it was really cool,
because they had a parrot at the pension [apartment] that we went to!
Too cool!

We had some Sister Training Leaders from Sucre
stay at our place for a night after a leadership meeting

Super fun making pizzas in the home of a member for the training!

We made some pizzas for a ward missionary
training session that we had on Friday!
All they had were rectangular pans ;D

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