Thursday, July 23, 2015

Vamos a Conquistar el Mundo... o Villa Graciela‏ [We Will Conquer the World ... or Villa Graciela]

20 Julio 2015

Hello again this week! For those of you that are still reading these emails that are coming to you... ;D I´m doing GREAT in my new area! I love it here! This IS where I am supposed to be! I can feel it whenever we are walking in the streets, when we are taking to the people here... I feel like I am breathing in reassurance that this is where I am needed in this point in time and this is where people are WAITING to hear the amazing word of the gospel. I am so ready to get to work here and help more people come unto Christ, with.... Hermana Vara!

Hna Vara, Hermana Vara, Harmana Vara! Wow, she is teaching me SO much already! She is from Lima Peru, is CRAZY and I am so bessed to be with her! I am so happy to be learning more Spanish and to be learning how to truly teach with love, fitting every lesson individually to the person we are teaching! I can’t wait for the time that I get to learn from her and work hard here in this ward! (I hope that I stay with her for forever!)

We have been going crazy in this ward trying to get to know people, get to know where everything is (including our house... we sometimes get a little lost ;D) and trying to figure out how we can best get to work ;D

This week I have learned that there are changes in this life for a reason... without changes, we wouldn’t learn, we wouldn’t grow, we would just be standing in the same place in life, expecting our surroundings to change.

WELL, that is all I have time for this week, but take care, be safe, and keep me updated!


Hermana Mather

This is my new area, Villa Graciela! Beautiful, no?

Estudio [Study] in the mornings! LOVE IT!

It was my companion`s birthday :)

We found a monkey in our area!

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