Monday, July 27, 2015

Update from Villa Graciela‏

27 July 2015

Wow! This week has been CRAZY!!! We have been working so hard meeting, working, teaching, working, learning, working, and loving! This area is so much more different than my other area! My first area was so much bigger and had lots of cows and animals and a wide rage of living conditions whereas here there are much better living conditions and a LOT more houses. When we first got here we kept feeling like we were walking through a labyrinth. This week we feel a lot more on top of where everything which is such a tender mercy!

My companion, Hermana Vara, is SOOOOO funny! All throughout the day we are joking and laughing and smiling while at the same time we are working SUPER hard! She is the first of 10 kids and has somewhat of a magic with kids (for good reasons ;D) She is SO great to work with and I just hope that we can stay together forever! She is teaching me so much and has amazing desires to fulfill her mission call! Wow!

We are teaching several people, but this week we have our first baptism here in the ward! There is this family that we have been teaching that is SO special! The dad of this family, Familia Mandonado, was a menos [less] active member in the church but his wife and 3 kids never heard of the church before until the death of one of their close family members. THEN, the mom was so interested in knowing the real meaning of life and how she can help herself, her kids and her family in general, to follow the right path. The faith of this woman is unbelievable! I love being able to teach this family and to see the true desire they have to choose the right things and to draw closer to our Heavenly Father.

Well, that is all I have time for today, but have a great week, keep smiling, eat some watermelon and cantaloupe for me and keep pressing forward!


Hermana Mather

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