Monday, July 6, 2015

Progression, and Not Letting Down

6 Julio 2015

I have been trying to think about what to share for this email to know what could help anyone who reads it...and after a while of thinking, I finally know what I can share from my week :)

This week is the week leading up to cambios [transfers] and that is always a very scary feeling because there are always surprises. But, I know that whether I stay or I leave that I will be where the Lord needs me and where I will be able to grow as a missionary the most. If I change areas or if I don’t, I head into this week with hope!

Something that I learned more this week and have learned many times over in my mission is that we always have to be getting better and progressing! We are here in the earth for a purpose, to learn and grow and to prepare for something so much grander and so much more important that waits for us after this life. One of my loved ones who has affected me so much in my life once told me that when we are progressing spiritually (or emotionally or physically in this life) it is like walking up a “down escalator”. It’s hard and sometimes we can feel like we are going nowhere but if we let down or stop to rest, we start going down. We have to keep walking and keep going! We have to keep the motivation up, we have to keep doing the ‘small and simple things’ every day so that we can progress.

I realized this week that I am not fulfilling my full potential as a missionary at the moment and I have been revitalized in my motivation to get better and not to let down. The time here in the mission, and in life in general, is too short to not make the best use of it! It’s too short to: not enjoy the moments that we are given, not progress in every way possible (even when it is hard), not make connections with the people who are around us (everywhere! at school, work, church, in the street, everywhere!). We should be: loving, enjoying, and making the most of ever moment that we can!

That's all for now folks! Love you guys!

Hermana Mather

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