Monday, August 17, 2015

Birthdays and Baptisms‏

17 Agosto 2015

Well, this week was officially amazing! WOW!

To start.. My birthday! I am officially 20 years old... how weird! I am no longer a teenager... WHAT!?! I’m old... @.@ hehe but anyways, I thought that my birthday was going to be a regular old day of missionary work and no more, but my amazing compi surprised me with a ´party´ that night at my pension [apartment]! How cool! We were on splits with some members of the ward where I go with one member and she went with another member. While I was visiting people and teaching, she was getting things ready in our pension for a birthday party of sorts ;D it was so great! I went to a family home evening and they surprised me with a cake and a present. SO nice of them! And, then we went to the pension for dinner and the lights were off... I should have known ;D I walked in and everyone yelled ´Feliz Cumpleaños [Happy Birthday]!´ My compi is so great! She had the Elders from our ward, and some members come and they made Pique Macho (yummmmm) and cake! It was just so special! I love the people here! They are so nice, fun, and special!

Second, the baptism that we had was so so so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing and special! You can really just feel when someone is truly converted and truly has a testimony of all these things, and Nair, Gronel, and Gabriela have testimonies! Wow! The most impactful thing that happened was after the actual baptism in the font, they changed out of their wet clothes, and they got the opportunity to bear their testimonies. There was SUCH a strong spirit present there! It started off with Hermana Gabriela (who is 81 actually...) her faith is so amazing to be baptized at her age when it is even hard for her to walk... she is so amazing!) and she talked about her gratitude to God for the opportunity to find the truth and to grow in her faith even at her age.

And then there was Gronel... The most impactful thing that he said in his testimony was that when he started to learn and read the Book of Mormon and come to church, there was a voice that told him ´You don’t have to search anymore. Here it is. This is what you have been looking for.´ And after he was baptized, he said ´I’m at home; I’m home.´ Then, there was Hermana Nair who has such a powerful testimony of everything that she has gained... who said that she felt like she was literally walking on a cloud after her baptism... I am SO happy for these amazing people and for the difference that the gospel could make in their lives! SO AMAZING! I wish that you guys could have been there... it was truly amazing!

Well, that is all that I have for this week! I’ll talk to you again this next week!

Hermana Mather

The cakes and the tradition that people have of shoving your face in the cake ;D


Baptism! Wow! How amazing!

After party of the baptism!

PS.  Old photos that never sent...

Its been rainy and cold this week (its usual for the cold, but not the rain ;D)

Celebrating 4th of July in the pension (our pensinista is seriously the best!)

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