Monday, November 2, 2015

Focused on the Treasures of Life‏

2 Noviembre 2015

Quick rundown of the week: Tuesday we taught the Relief Society how to make chocolate chip cookies (and now I have members asking me to come to their houses to make them;D hehe) as well as we made a cake for one of our investigators (Yoel) for his birthday since both of his parents weren’t there to do anything for him.

Miracle of the week!... after thinking that Hermana Yuli (the mom of Yoel) wouldn’t get home for another 2 months- she got back 2 days after Yoel´s birthday! Wow! This is a miracle for us because now they will be progressing so much more with her help! This family is so amazing! Hermana Monteza and I can see that they have so much potential and we actually feel like we have more siblings now with all of them!

This week, I wanted to talk about being focused on the things that are truly important in our lives. There are SOOOO many things that are distracting for us in this life and many of the things are good things, but the question is: Are we truly focused on the things that are most important? Are we choosing to fill our time or make the most of it? (Matthew6:21) Where we put our time is where our hearts are. And where our heart is, that's where our treasures are. There are parts of my life where I can look back at my life and honestly say that my heart was not where it should have been or where I wanted to be. BUT there is no time like the present to refine our lives and focus in on what is truly important to us. In the mission, we have to look at ourselves a lot and see if things are working or things aren’t working and why and fix them. There have been times where we have had to refocus on what is truly important to us and I know that it works. When we are focused on the things that are most important in this life and this work, we are truly happy and we have success! We have true treasures instead of replacements of treasures.

Keep up the Smiles,

Hermana Mather

My treasures in this life:; my family, my faith, my testimony, my progress as a person, time with those i love, the opportunity to pray, the friendships and connections that we can make with other people, the church.. and much more, but those are just a few :)

The cake that turned out in Bolivia! Miracle!
And with M&Ms from a package from my mom for a little American jazz ;) Thanks mom!

Birthday parties!

Family history work! They took names to the temple! Woo!

Today we went to Santivañez Bolivia with our ward.

Me and my comp in the little square in the center of Santivañez.

In the square with my compi!

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