Monday, November 16, 2015

The Power of Prayer‏

16 Noviembre 2015

This week has been quite full! My companion has been waking up with pain in her stomach for the past few days. We went to the clinic here and they told us that she has an intestinal infection (wow 0.0). They loaded her up with pills to take and we´ve been taking care of her ;D  Then, Hermana Vara came to stay with us for the second half of the week, because she is going home today @.@ AH! SO crazy to think that the mission ends... It doesn’t seem real that it will ever end.... I feel like it will never end in my heart ;D

¿Can I just say that Prayers work!? Throughout all the years that I have been in the church, I feel like little by little I gained a testimony about saying prayers and this week I was able to receive more of a testimony of this principle of the gospel. There are people that we teach that wonder if prayers really do work or if there really is someone out there listening to their prayers. I can say that I know without a doubt that there is a loving Heavenly Father (or in other words god) that listens to our prayers and truly wants to help us in this life. We are physically separated from our Heavenly Father in this life, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t care. He is just like a loving parent, where when their child goes on a trip or leaves the home- they are still aware and care about their child. He wants to hear from us and help us. Sometimes he helps us in ways that we can never expect, but he is present in our lives. I know that we can receive the answers that we need and are searching for. I know that through our prayers- Heavenly father can also give us peace and we can grow in our confidence in him and in his purposes, he can help us to be stronger, better, happier, he can HELP us, he is waiting to help us- sometimes we just have to ask.

Well, I am going to be staying in Villa Graciela for another cambio (another month and a half) for sure! yay! I love this area and my companion! We are progressing and getting better every single day! I just LOVE it! And, dadadaDA: I will be there for Christmas! Wow! What an amazing present, to be able to stay in an area that I love where I can feel the love of the people who are here and where I love the people!

WELLL, that is all for now! I love you all- keep up your head and keep smiling! And, keep up your prayers -- they really do work!

Hermana Mather

My companion´s first experience with pique macho!! YUM!

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