Monday, February 1, 2016

Becoming Perfect in Christ‏

1 Febrero 2016

We are planning on a baptism this week!!! Woohoo! I am so excited! The sister missionaries had been teaching her before I got here and she was a little scared to get baptized, but now she is going to get baptized this Thursday--HER BIRTHDAY! She thought that it would be perfect to be reborn on the very day of her birth! How cool! Just like John 3:3 says baptism is a rebirth that we have to have to enter into the kingdom of god. Baptism is such a beautiful step to take. It is where we can feel clean and new just like little children and where we can take upon us the full relieving power of the atonement.

I have been focusing-in more on Christ in my scripture study and learning more about his birth.  Its never is too late for Christmas! I read an amazing talk, Becoming Perfect in Christ, which is all about how we are imperfect here on this earth but we can become better through Christ. This talk helped me better understand that we shouldn’t be perfectionists and the atonement can even free us from self-imposed expectations of perfection that cannot be reached. We have the atonement for a reason! To learn from our mistakes, repent of them and grow to become better. We can’t just expect to become better in just one day or one moment. A beautiful glorious tree doesn’t grow in one day; it takes time. Sometimes we have growing pains, but in the end it is all worth it. Being perfect is to be complete, finished or fully developed and I know that through Christ I can be completed and perfected in him.

I hope that you all have a great week and look at your imperfections in this light of that we are here on this earth to learn and grow and take advantage of the atonement of Christ!

Love ya!

Hermana Mather

Cemetery of trains! Cool, right?

My compi shrunk!

... and so did I!

Salt hotel! Super cool!

Mi and mi compi!

Our zone of Potosi at the Uyuni salt flats!
Everything is made out of salt!

We also had a birthday party this week! Little Joseline is 1 year old!

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