Tuesday, February 9, 2016

You Raise Me Up‏!

8 Febrero 2016

This week has been so amazing! I have to be honest the other week was probably one of the hardest weeks in my mission, but I can now say that there are times where the Lord has to bring us low so that the can raise us up! We have been working SO hard and it has been hard to see the results of all our labors and we went through a lot of problems and trials that we couldn’t control. We didn’t know what we were doing wrong, but I can now say that the blessings of the Lord have come. There are times where we want all of his blessings right now but it doesn’t work that way. We were able to see just a little bit of how this area is changing for the better and see that the Lord's hand is in all things. This week we found so many more people here that are prepared to hear our message and we have been blessed with so many miracles that didn’t come at the time that we wanted them but at the time that we needed them!

There are times where we don’t understand the full purposes of God for us but I know that He knows what’s the best for all of us and I trust in Him and in His grand love that He has for us. I know that He wants the best for us and at times our faith can waver in him but His faith in us never wavers. He knows who we are and why we are here. He saved us for these days in which it is SO hard because He knew that we could make the most of it and that we could take it. It may be hard now but we can do it. His blessings, miracles and mercies are waiting for us at the right time and place when we need them.

Quotes that I LOVE:

"When you push against the boundaries of experience into the twilight of the unknown, the Lord will strengthen you. The beauty of your eternal soul will strengthen you. The beauty of your eternal soul will begin to unfold." -- Elder Richard G Scott

"Everything that you are learning now is preparing you for something else." -- Marjorie Pay Hinckley

You guys are amazing! I love you all and know that you have SUCH great potential! Live your lives to the fullest and remember WHY you are here!


Hermana Mather

The Baptism of Donata!
Her rebirth (February 4 is her birthday and her baptism date)!
Do I ever love her!

My companion and I with Potosi in the background

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