Monday, February 29, 2016

The Gospel Makes Us TRULY Happy‏!

29 Febrero 2016

This week has been full of miracles! Seriously, I am so happy to be here in Lovely (bipolar weather) Potosi teaching such amazing people about the joy that the gospel of Christ can bring to our lives! It truly amazes me how the love of God and His gospel are so connected! He wants us to be happy and He wants the best for us. He gives us so much direction for our lives and what we can do to be happy and return to Him after this life. That’s why He gives us commandments and things that we need to complete in this life. It is our everyday decisions that we make that decides if we are truly happy or not. I’m not talking about a short little burst of happiness but long term happiness that lasts for all this life and afterwards as well.

I am seeing this change in the lives of all of the people that we are teaching right now... It is AMAZING to see that according to how much they learn and act on the gospel principles that God has given us that they have so much more happiness in their lives. A happiness that is profound and truly can only come from our loving Heavenly Father.

To update you all- Estefani is doing great! We are getting her ready for her baptism and although some of her family doesn’t support her, she truly feels the support and love of the members here and is preparing herself to be baptized. And Katia seems more and more happy every week. It’s just great! I can’t wait to see more of her progress and how this gospel gives her joy in her life!"

Love you all! have a great week! From Lovely Potosi,

Hermana Mather


Our kitchen is full of fruit and veggies to make our dinners! Yay!

This is when we had a bunch of time so we make face masks out of cornstarch.
I think it worked ;d
At least we had a bunch of fun!

A few of the people that we are teaching! I love these kiddos!

The juices are in little bags here!
They are SOOOOOOO good!
Love Pilfrut!

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