Tuesday, April 19, 2016

´The Lord Magnifies the Efforts of His Servants´‏

18 Abril 2016

I can’t believe that I forgot to tell you guys the name of my new companion! hehe! My new companion is Hermana Vilca! She is from Antofagasta Chile. All of the Bolivians say that that was part of Bolivia and that she should give them their sea back ;D hehe!). She has 4 months in the mission and so far. I have LOVED how straightforward and honest that she is. She has a way of saying the cold hard truth in a way so amazing and down to earth that you can just feel that it is truth! I love how you can learn something from every single person that you come in contact with, especially companions!

Lately we have been teaching a young couple Samuel and Carmen. Carmen is less active in the church and is less than a month away from having a baby. Long story short, we have been teaching them, they were able to get married and Samuel wants to get baptized now! We are so happy for him and for his future family! We testify of how the gospel of Jesus Christ blesses families and how families can be together forever through ordinances that we make in the temple. We are so excited for Samuel and Carmen because we know that they will be able to have a ´forever family´

Lately I can see the results of losing myself in the mission. If you remember for new year, I made the goal to truly ´lose myself to find myself´ (Matthew 10:39). Day by day I am losing myself more and more and you know what? In losing myself in the work of the Lord, I have truly found myself. I have found my divine potential that God gave me from the beginning. There are hard times in the mission, but they are all worth it! President Henry B. Eyring said that ´The Lord magnifies the efforts of his servants´. He helps us when we are about His work and helps us to make a difference where we are and in who we are becoming. I believe that with all my heart! There are times where it is hard to see if I am making a difference here, but I know that when I am about the work of the Lord, HE makes the difference for me and for all of His children! He is always mindful of His children and knows what is the best for us.

That’s all folks! Love you all! Until next week!

Hermana Mather

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