Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I Have a NEW COMPI !!!!!‏

9 June 2015

I have a new compi [companion]! She is the best! Her name is Hermana Cruz and I absolutely love her! She grew up in California and her family now lives in Utah, but cool thing is that her parents are from Mexico so her Spanish is AMAZING (and we get to cook Mexican food!!! YUMMMM)! She has such an amazing spirit and an amazing knowledge of the gospel that is already helping me so much! I love her! We are so ready to get to work together!

Funny experience for the week: One of the Elders here loves to call one of the sisters here ‘Barbie’ just to get a rise out of her. And her birthday is coming up, so he was talking at lunch about how we would Barbie theme her birthday for her (which she just... loooovvveeed ;D) and suddenly the whole pension [apartment] broke out in the song of “I’m a Barbie girl”, even the Latinos know the song! It was hilarious!

Spiritual experience for the week: getting used to a new companion and a new teaching style is really different, especially because this is just my second companion, so for a few days I was feeling a little lost as to how we were teaching and everything... but I can honestly say that I gained a stronger testimony of how the spirit can help us in every facet of our lives! I was studying one morning about how prayer can invite the spirit into our lives. I can truly say that it works! Wow! When we pray with real intent, genuinely asking for the spirit, we can be helped so much! It can help us to love people more fully, and help us to know who we really are. It can help us to have a happiness that is real and lasting! It is so amazing to see the fruit of the spirit and the difference it can make in the lives of the people here, and to see the difference in my life! Wow! It really can make all the difference when we have this spirit with us to help us and guide us!

That is all I have time for today, but thanks for reading, writing, sending letters and packages and always being there for me! You guys are the best! Love ya!

Hermana Mather

We love our fruit here! SO good! Yum yum yum yum yum!

We love our packages! American stuffs! Yay!

Isn't my compi just so cute! Awe! Love her so much!

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