Monday, June 1, 2015

Growing Pains‏

1 Junio 2015

I will be 100% honest with you... This week was probably one of the hardest in my mission so far.

It has been hard to feel a little homesick with the focus of Hermana Llanos going home. It was hard to feel like the area was being handed over to me with the responsibility of taking care of all of the precious souls that are here and to get sick in the middle of the week with a cold that left my head spinning. It was hard to think that I would have a different companion and just SO much came to a climax this week. BUT, the thing about having challenges is that we can grow SO much from all of them!

It has been hard, yes, but man have I ever learned a lot! I have been able to see myself being stretched as a missionary and as a person in the past few days where I wouldn’t have been able grow this much in my comfort zone. There really are times in our lives where things get hard and at these times we have a decision to make: We have the choice to learn and to grow from it or to back down and complain that things are hard... and let’s just say that it’s much better with the primero [first].

I can honestly say that I know that Heavenly Father prepares us for all that we have to go though in this life and that this life isn’t meant to be easy for a reason. This life has a purpose and we are supposed to learn and to grow; anyone can tell you that with growth you get growing pains and for now I´m just experiencing the growing pains of the mission. I am so grateful for the chance to grow and to learn in the mission!

Wish me luck for this week! I will be picking up my new companion tomorrow from the airport; she is coming from Potosi! Her name is Hermana Cruz and is from the US from what I hear ;D we will see what will happen with all of this!

Love you guys!

Hermana Mather

Service project with machetes! Fun stuff

Fruit ninga... literally ;D

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