Monday, June 22, 2015

News from the week :D‏

22 Junio 2015

WOW! Life at home just seems like it is moving along just as fast as it is here! With my brother getting home last week as well as my sister getting engaged and my family having the family reunion it just makes me think that I am so grateful to be a part of an eternal family in the church and to know that everyone at home is enjoying life!

Other news from the mission: I cut my hair! Not a bunch, just a "wittle" bit since it is getting so small and sad looking... I have no hair... but it hopefully will be better with this haircut!

Hey! A miracle happened! I like tomatoes now! Like... a lot! I love eating them plain with just a little salt! yummmmm!

I LOVE my companion! She is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome and cute and really helps me with the language and with staying positive and she keeps me laughing! hehe! IT is so awesome how you can find some of your best friends on the mission!

One of the missionaries that is in my pension had a birthday this week! WE tease her a bunch about being a ´Barbie´ just cause she is SUPER pretty and just cause it gets a rise out of her, so we decorated everything pink and Barbie-ish and pink! it was great!

This week was full of missionary work (i would be worried if it wasn’t ;D) we have been working really hard this week to meet new people and to help our investigators to progress, and we truly have been seeing the fruit of our labors! We have so much more to do in this area together, but was it so rewarding this Sunday to have 8 of our investigators come to church and truly take part of the amazing blessings of church! I can truly say that going to church is such a blessing! Not only can we be somewhere were god has promised that he will be a part of, but we can take the sacrament (which renews our covenants of baptism and reminds us of Jesus Christ, our loving brother and redeemer) and I can see the difference that church attendance can make in individuals, friends and families. It is so amazing how we can give only a few little hours to the lord and he can give us so much in return! I am so grateful for the blessings that come from the church and from the Sabbath day!

That is all I have time for this week, but I love you guys and can´t wait for more news from you!

Hermana Mather

Milkshake ;D

Doing the carpeeta de area [area book]... Its a mess... 

I like tomatoes now! Like... a lot!

Ain't she so cute! Love my compi!

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